Social Services


Fond du Lac’s Social Services Department provides quality social service programs that are sensitive and responsive to the cultural values of Native American clients.

Services offered emphasize the promotion of a healthy lifestyle by helping the clients search for wellness, through prevention/intervention activities and maintenance techniques to promote the restoration of family systems.

Press Release: Social Services awarded for Caring for Caregivers during pandemic

Social Services Main Line MNAW/CAIR (218) 878-2145
Domestic Violence After Hours Crisis Line (218) 348-1817
FDL Mobile Crisis Response Line (218) 655-3668
Tagwii Substance Use Disorder Services (218) 878-3858
If you suspect Child Abuse, please call:
  In Carlton County (218) 879-4583
  In St. Louis County (218) 726-2012

Social Services
Child Care Assistance Program
Child Care Assistance

Provides eligible families funds to help pay the cost of child care. Assistance is available to eligible families who apply to the program, live in the service area and utilize approved child care providers.

Child Care Needs & Eligibility Determination Form

Child Care Licensing

Licenses qualified child care centers on the Fond du Lac Reservation.

Family Child Care Licensing

Licenses qualified applicants living on the Fond du Lac Reservation. Family Child Cares provide child care for multiple families. The Fond du Lac Reservation Business Committee has adopted Ordinance Standards and Licensing Procedures that determine applicant eligibility.
On & Off Reservation Foster Care
On – Reservation Foster Care

License American Indian families residing within the boundaries of the Fond du Lac Reservation.

  • The agency assists in the licensing process supported by the Fond du Lac ordinance and provides support, training, and monitoring to its foster parents.
Off – Reservation Foster Care

License families residing outside the boundaries of the reservation.

  • The agency assists in Minnesota state licensing process and provides support, training, and monitoring to its foster parents.
Advocacy Program
Domestic Abuse, Sexual Assault and General Crime

The Fond du Lac Advocates provide caring and culturally sensitive advocacy for clients. The Advocates are available to assist community members in times of crisis. Please call our Victim Assistance Crisis Line at (218) 348-1817 available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

  • Assist clients with Orders for Protection, and Harassment Orders
  • Navigate community resources
  • Assist victims with a link to Law Enforcement
  • Provide court advocacy
  • Facilitate community support groups
  • Provide a support to clients within the local county jails
  • Provide education and awareness in the community about domestic abuse, sexual assault and general crime prevention.
Order for Protection Form
Harassment Restraining Order Form

Community Advocate

Through a grant with the Northland Foundation and MN DHS, Fond du Lac Social Services is considered a Community Resource Hub for Fond du Lac Reservation. The Community Advocate can help you find resources and has incentives for families participating in this outreach program. Please visit the website to see what this program entails and contact social services to get involved or make a referral.

Special Initiatives | Community Resource Hub (

Child Welfare Family Conferencing and Domestic Abuse Counseling and Education Program

This program is an effort to address the needs of community members by offering a safe and private setting for participants to voluntarily come together using the Family Group Decision Making model, Triple P (Parallel Protection Process) and an 8 week Domestic Abuse Counseling and Education Program (DACEP).

  • Assist with Parenting Time decisions.
  • Domestic Abuse Counseling and Education Program (DACEP).
  • Family Programming and Facilitating Services.
  • Family Group Decision Making conferences (FGDM).
  • Parallel Protection Process (PPP) are also scheduled as needed.
  • Case Planning.
  • Safety Planning.
  • Reunification Planning.
Community Resource Specialist:

This program is meant to enhance the rehabilitation of incarcerated youth through training and cultural activities. A Community Resource Specialist meets with youth weekly at the Arrowhead Juvenile Center (AJC) and meets with family for a healthy transition back into school and community. The Specialist can also assist with connecting youth and families impacted by a recent crisis including effects of violence such as sexual assault, trafficking, general crime or interpersonal violence.
Rental Assistance and Homelessness Resources
Adult Service Workers

Serve adults and families in the community in an effort to provide case management and support.

  • Homelessness services
  • Crisis intervention
  • Case management
  • Referral services
  • Adult Protection team meetings
  • FDL Supportive Housing case management and support
Homelessness Program

Through education, advocacy, outreach, referral, and support; staff assists clients experiencing homelessness.

  • Assessing the barriers that may prevent stable housing
  • Case Management
  • Employment resources
  • Housing resources and referral
  • Coordinated Entry Process
Long Term Homelessness Program (LTH)

Long term homelessness is defined as “lacking a permanent place to live continuously for one year or more or at least four times in the past three years.” Fond du Lac Social Services is a part of the MN Tribal Collaborative that represents MN Tribal Nations as subgrantees of this grant we work together to provide services for eligible Native American’s living in the Fond du Lac Human Services Division service area.

LTHSSSF programs will offer the following supportive services to each long-term homeless household: Case management, budgeting, life skills, support toward employment and education goals, mental health and chemical health services, connections to mainstream resources and tenant education, Housing search, landlord education, family reunification and legal assistance.

Direct Financial Assistance can include: application fees, first months’ rent, damage deposit, short term storage, utility deposition, moving costs, transportation and cleaning supplies.

Family Homelessness Prevention and Assistance Program (FHPAP)

The FHPAP is available to assist families with children, single adults, and youth who are homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness. The purpose of the program is to support continuing innovation and development of a comprehensive system to prevent homelessness and to assist people experiencing homelessness. With the primary emphasis on prevention, the goals of the program are:

  1. Prevent homelessness
  2. Minimize the number of days homeless
  3. Eliminate repeated episodes of homelessness
This program is considered prevention support and does not require case management, however there is an eligibility income guideline that participants have to meet in order to qualify for direct funding assistance.
Supportive Housing Services
Supportive Housing - Social Services

Fond du Lac Property Management provides 24 units of quality housing and FDL Social Services provides supportive services for eligible people moving from homelessness to independence.
  • Case managers assist individuals & families who have experienced homelessness by providing supports and services while they live at FDL Supportive Housing. There are on-site case managers that offer support, referral and other services as needed.
Veterans Supportive Housing

Fond du Lac Property Management provides 10 units of quality housing and FDL Social Services providing supportive services for tenants through service plans and planned activities.
  • Case managers assist individuals who have experienced homelessness by providing support and services.
Both Supportive and Veteran’s Housing applicants are referred by NE Coordinated Entry, contact Fond du Lac Social Services to complete an assessment to be put on the NE Coordinated Entry.
Family Services
Fond du Lac Social Workers provide services to protect the best interests of Indian children. Resolving family issues and keeping families together, according to the Federal Indian Child Welfare Act, are major goals for the Fond du Lac Social Services department.

Services include:

  • Crisis intervention
  • Case management
  • Out-of-home placement supervision
  • Referral services
  • Assistance in obtaining available resources
  • Court advocacy
  • ICWA compliance
  • Prevention services
Indian Child Welfare Social Workers

The Indian Child Welfare Social Workers serve high-risk families and provide child protection services in an effort to protect the best interest of Indian children.

The Indian Child Welfare Act - A Families Guide (

Child protection services:

  • Crisis intervention
  • Case management
  • Out of home placement supervision
  • Referral services, and networking with available resources
  • Assist counties in serving Indian children who have been victims of abuse and/or neglect
  • Assist the court in understanding the unique characteristics of Indian clients
Families First & Prevention Services

Provide intensive, short-term (4 - 6 weeks), in-home crisis intervention and family education services in order to preserve Indian families and avoid children being placed out of the home.

Services include:

  • Individual problem-solving skills
  • Communication and negotiation skills
  • Parenting education
  • Child development training
  • Homemakers
  • Advocacy
  • Job-readiness training
  • Developing helping relationships with community resources
  • Parenting Classes - Circles of Security, Positive Indian Parenting
Stay Program: Successful Transition to Adulthood for Youth Program

This program offers support groups for independent living skills development for youth ages 14-21. Group education and recreational activities are planned and carried out to help youth learn about healthy lifestyles.